Sod has many advantages over seed but the most desired one is the instant gratification you get after installation.  Other pros include the short time it takes to establish, meaning not only is the look instant but the durability takes 1 to 2 weeks to establish instead of 4 to 8 weeks with seed.  Sod can also be laid at any time of the year as long as it is available. Lastly, sod comes from the farm with no weeds and therefore requires only water (no chemicals or fertilizer) to establish.  Sod will give you the look and feel that you, your family and your friends will enjoy for years to come.

Our sod is sold by the piece or by the pallet.  We offer 3 types – Fescue, Bermuda and Zoyosia. We typically begin our sod deliveries to the nursery starting in March and ending in November.  We can special order sod at other times of the year as well. We sell sod either off the pallet (which is a little cheaper) or lay it on plastic at the nursery and keep it watered until you are ready for pickup.  The sod pieces are easy to handle and can fit in the trunk of a car. We also offer delivery either by the piece or by the pallet. Call us for more details.   



Bermuda grass is one of the best types of sod for sale in the Chattanooga area due to its durability and affordability.  Bermuda grass is very hardy surviving a wide range of temperatures, soil types and fertility. This is not the common type of Bermuda that is associated with stringy, long runners.  Our Bermuda sod is a turf grass variety known as Tifway (419) that was developed for lawns and golf courses to bring beauty to your lawn.   Tifway has good disease resistance, dark green color and is great for areas of the lawn that are high traffic.



Fescue is a cool season grass that stays green all year and is shade tolerant.  Our Fescue sod is grown using a Turf Type Tall Fescue seed, so it is a darker green and wider blade that will give the lawn a look that is hard to beat when compared to other types of turf lawn grasses.


Zoysia grass is the most adaptable warm season grass available.  It roots deep into the soil which gives it the ability to withstand extreme temperatures (hot or cold) and extreme soil conditions (wet or dry).  It is slower to spread than other warm season grasses so it’s easier to keep out of unwanted areas such as landscape beds. Lastly, Zoyosia is also shade tolerant which is a must for most lawns in our area. With Zoyosia grass you will have a lawn that is extremely durable and beautiful season after season.

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